Moulded fibre or plastics?

Consumers in Germany, France and Poland clearly prefer moulded fibre packaging over plastic packaging. The greater environmental friendliness of the material considerably contributes to this.

EMFA wished to use market research to examine how consumers describe the advantages and disadvantages of packaging materials, especially moulded fibre products versus plastics.

The aim of the study was to determine

  • which tactile, sensory impression the packaging possesses
  • which optical and aesthetic impression the packaging offers
  • which materials are assessed as best overall
  • which material generates the highest motivation to buy

The representative consumer survey was designed as a face-to-face study in test studios in 3 countries: Germany, France and Poland.

The moulded fibre packaging significantly outperformed the plastic packaging in almost all surveyed respects: general look, motivation to buy, value perception.


In direct comparison between the two packaging materials, 9 out of 10 respondents would decide in favour of moulded fibre.

The detailed evaluation shows great benefits of the moulded fibre products, particularly regarding the following items: “is environmentally friendly“, “is product-specific”, “is agreeable to the touch“, “ is recyclable“, “is biodegradable / compostable”, “is natural”, “has a practical closure” and “feels good”.